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Know more, pack Smarter

Your fresh food grading, processing & packing operations are a complex combination of machinery, software, people & processes. Often these components are disconnected, with data collecting in detached silos. While coordination is challenging, it's essential for your efficiency & profitability.

We love connecting businesses with their data. Let us help you fully integrate your systems and accelerate your business.


Your operational data originates from many different sources including people, machines and software. Packnology can capture your data directly where it’s generated, then combine and store it centrally in a secure, accessible repository.


Integrate your business and operational data to enhance traceability, accounting and reporting functions. Reduce double-entry effort and data errors.


Making sense of the information you’ve collected is the key to getting real value from your data. Packnology makes this process easy with industry-leading data analytics tools.


Sharing data quickly and accurately within your organization will allow better decision making, improve efficiency and reduce costly downtime.